Friday, 7 November 2008

Class comments

People in our class thought we had creative titles and they all agreed that we had good stills between the filming which created suspense. We also had a few mention our use of lighting and mise-on-scene.

We had a mix of improvements that consisted of the soundtrack being repetitive and needing more of an edge, an unclear storyline and the acting needs to be better.


Friday, 24 October 2008


Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Our Team

Lydia: the tied up girl :)
Lucy: Director/make-up artist :D

Nathan: Kidnapper :)

Lily: Camera woman :0

We manage to work well together and find different roles in making the thriller project such as actors, camera women and directing what was happening at the time. As we are doing roles that we are good at, we got through it quickly and ended up with good camera work.


The Problems.

We had a few problems during in our filming experiences with a few college faults like over bookings and not being able to use the cameras and more problems like all having different schedules therefore not being able to film during the weeks.
Other problems we had were that the barn was quite packed with many objects and so there wasn't much space to use but in the end we found that we could use the windowsill.


Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Title Sequences

When it came to choosing the title styles, fonts and colours our group hadn't even thought about it before, so when we started we had no ideas on what to do. Our group split up into two pairs and searched through the fonts on two computers, looking for the one we like. At first we thought we'd use the font Neuva Std: We then decided against this because thought that the font did not fit the genre too well and not create a creepy atmosphere. Also we found another font which the group liked more, Cracked:

We felt that this was more fitting as it seemed to have the right style and gave the movie clip a little more suspense. As the font as you can see has small little cracks within the lettering as if its been smashed or is broken and therefore fits into the work.

Here is our final product for our title, we had planned for our final title to be in smoke and edited like that but we found that it did not turn out how we had planned for it to. So we ended up changing it all to fit more into our sequence, with a more normal and less original idea of the different lettering in different sizes and formats so it looked sort of like a newspaper blackmail letter. Our group is now happy with our final ideas and now all we have to do is to produce our film shots and edit it to fit with the titles.

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Friday, 17 October 2008

Our Animatic :)

We found we really enjoyed doing our animatic mini film. within our short entrance sequence we had lots of different roles for everyone such as;

- Lucy computer editor
- Nathan and Lydia music composers
- Lily artist

One problem we found while making our short animatic was that the music and the video clips didn't fit, although they had been set on timings. We found the garage band and final cut have different time settings therefore they didn't slot in very well but we managed to sort of fix in the music, to Nathans disappointment.

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Wednesday, 15 October 2008

The Scene Shot's

Location and Shot Breakdown :D

S1. Edited
S2. Establishing shot of the room - Mid Shot
S3. Hostage being scared and jolting movements and flashing lights - Close Up
S4. Still of flickering light and photo - Close Up
S5. Shaking image maybe flickering lights and scared hostage - Close Up
S6. Still shot of photograph. Flickering shadow - Close Up
S7. Shaking shot of hostage - Close Up
S8. The page of the book being turned - Close Up
S9. Same shot as shot 7 - Close Up
S10. Flickering lamp, objects on the table - Close Mid-Shot
S11. Struggling hostage, trying to get out of rope - Close Up
S12. Still shot of box and masking-tape for spooky effect - Close Up
S13. A shaking camera shot of the struggling hostage.
S14. The duct tape- Extreme Close Up
S15. Shaking camera shot of the back of the hostage - Close Up
S16. Dark still of objects - Close Up
S17. Shaking image eye frantically looking - Extreme Close Up
S18. Hostage surrounded by darkness - Mid-Shot
S19. 'Stolen' made out of Smoke - Done with editing
S20. Camera flash and camera - Mid-Shot

S1. = Shot Number.


everyones roles : )

The List:

Lucy: Screaming Woman :)
Nathan: Physco :D
Lydia: Camera Girl :)
Lily: Director :D

We are filming at the location of Lily's house in her barn :D we will be using the equipment of a film camera and a camera light which will be using to film our first couple shots.
We be using a few props as well which include things like a few knifes, a hammer, a photo frame, lamp, cardboard boxes and a table and cloth.

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Monday, 13 October 2008


Friday, 10 October 2008

GarageBand soundtrack.

A screen shot of our garageband sound track

Friday, 3 October 2008

The sixth Sense opening sequence

the opening sequence to the sixth sense is very abstract and not at all based on camera work we foud this very intresting.

Credits list - Thriller Opening Scene.

1. An ExtraTime Production presents
2. A Doug Larry Film
3. Pamela Hambidge
4. Vivien Edwards
5. Mathew Savage
6. Costume Design by Nilo Otero
7. Art Direction J.Andre Chaintreuil
8. Production Design by Nathan Crowley
9. Casting by John Papsidera
10. Film Editing by Lee O'Sulivan
11. Cinematography by Sally Anne Harper
12. Original Music by Stan Fisher
13. Produced by Micheal King
14. Directed by Doug Larry
15. Stolen.


Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Student Thriller Example

We analysed Citizen Erased (P2 39)
Camera Work= We found to be relevant with the music slotted in well with theme and the shots were done within standards.

Editing= We found that the editing was very clever to help build suspense and gave the opening titles an edge.

Mise-en-scene= We think that everything worked well together it was a dark piece and they kept that all the way through we found that it was a very harrowing piece and really kept the the spec.

Soundtrack= We thought that the soundtrack fitted well with the piece and supported the mood throughout.

Titles= The group used titles well and they were in keeping with the theme.

By Lily and Lucy : )

Analysis of Student Thriller Opening Sequence

Camera Work




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